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Beyond Manzanar World Premiere:

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

December 12-24, 2000

Installation photographs

Images of the building.

Other works in the exhibition.

Opening Party.

Visits with friends.

Please click here to read Prof. Sakane's introductory text for the exhibition:   English / Japanese

The Artists in Residence exhibit was put on by IAMAS as a way of marking their 5th anniversary, and to publicize the new graduate school opening in April 2001. Artists in Residence live and work at the school for extended periods in order to expose students to different ways of thinking and creating multimedia artworks. The students are encouraged to collaborate with the artists on the works produced during the residencies. Please see the link at the top of the page to "Credits" for the long list of students and staff who helped us create Beyond Manzanar.

Additionally, we would like to thank curator Tomoe Moriyama from the Museum of Photography and IAMAS' exhibition staff, especially Shiro Yamamoto, Yoko Takahashi and Keiko Kobayashi, for their excellent work and elegant exhibition design!

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