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Visits with friends in Tokyo

This was a working visit: Visual Brains graciously helped Tamiko edit a demo tape of Beyond Manzanar. It turned into one of these classic 12-hour video editing sessions: from 6pm at night until 6am in the morning, when I finally arrived home with the first train of the morning. Unfortunately one of the head brains, Ohtsu-san, had already brought her daughter in bed and is not depicted.)

Tamiko and Umeyama-san

Tamiko and head brain Kazuma-san
Friends from IAMAS came up for the show, and we met at a rather funky pan-asian restaurant in Shibuya. It was dark, very loud, and the main hall was dominated by lotus lamps and an extremely large statue of the Buddha.

? and Yasuski

Tomoko and Shin

?, Yasuski and Tamiko

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