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Other installations in the IAMAS Artists in Residency Exhibition

Luc Courchesne and Franklin Joyce created complementary works that both dealt with new types of projection systems displaying 360 degree images. Luc's piece was a bowl you pulled down over your head - which occasioned a great amount of mirth in groups of students. You could turn around within in bowl to view all parts of the image, and voice recognition was used to change between different images. Franklin's piece was a cylindrical surface, and you walked around the outside to view the entire image.

Luc Courchesne

Franklin Joyce

Usman had two pieces: One was a large room installation with a video feedback system for real-time performances; the other a monitor-based work (visible at the far left, sorry it is so small) containing a computer graphic flower that grew when you whispered your secrets into its microphone. Tamas' work was an animation of the Fisherman's Tale, an old German fairy story. The hand-drawn images were animated within a 3D space, which enabled him to create very subtle shading and shadowings that would be difficult in standard 2D animation.

Usman Haque

Tamas Waliczky

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