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Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

The museum was built around 1995. It is located in Ebisu Garden Place, a chic and very popular new development near the JR Ebisu Station.

The museum exhibits everything from fine art photographs to popular culture, and draws a very diverse crowd. Young and old of both sexes seem to be equally represented.

The museum's website is at:

Exterior spaces of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography:

Front entrance

Back entrance

Side view approach

Exhibition signage:

The museum was showing the IAMAS AIR exhibit of multimedia art, fine art photographs of Japanese national treasures, and a series of 3D stereo films (such as "They Came From Outer Space.")

Interior spaces:

Front lobby - SLIGHTLY distorted by the stitching program

Back lobby

Reception desk for AIR exhibit

Keiko Kobayashi, IAMAS
exhibition staff, in our "prep room"

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