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12:00 - 16:00 daily, Oct 6 - 10, 2014


 unpainted art fair     

Jan 17-20 2014 @ UNPAINTED Media Art Fair Munich

"Transformation: Munich (Lehel)"

More information: UNPAINTED  |  Transformation  |  pilotraum01



Corcoran Gallery of ARt / Corcoran College of ARt and Design

Shades of Absence: Governing Bodies


"Biomer Skelters" - biosensor driven city-wide augmented reality public artwork in Liverpool

Manifesting internal biorythms as external wild growth reforestation, this crowd sourced urban artwork transforms participants into virtual biome propagators. (With Will Pappenheimer.)

June 14th - September 15th, 2013
Part of the Manifest.AR exhibit "Invisible ARtaffects."
A FACT Liverpool commission for their 10th anniversary exhibition "Turning FACT Inside Out."
In collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University and the World Museum Liverpool.

Click here for:  [ More >>> ]  *  [ Play Video ]  [ Participate in Liverpool (scroll up if needed) ]

Biomer Skelters



Digital Art Weeks Singapore

Three of my artworks are showing in Singapore for the Digital Art Weeks, curator Art Clay
Click here for more >>>

"Clouding Green"
ArtScience Museum

"Flying Windmills"
Clarke Quay

"ARt Critic Face Matrix"
Ion Orchard, Orchard Road



4 channel video (music by Gerd Kötter) and augmented reality installation, St. Lukas Church Munich (Lehel).

An art project on possible realities for urban life in the future.

Part of "overtures ZeitRäume," a project series by pilotraum01 e.V. curated by Serafine Lindemann / artcircolo and Christian Schoen / kunst | konzepte, in cooperation with the St. Lukas Church Munich, Pastor Beate Frankenberger, and the citizens of the Lehel neighborhood in Munich.

More information on "Transformation" here ...

Transformation Lukaskirche München



Manifest.AR @ Zero1 Biennial

Presented by the Samek Art Gallery/Bucknell University and ZERO1 Biennial 2012

Manifest.AR was commissioned by the Samek Art Gallery of Bucknell University and by Zero1 itself to create new works for the Zero1 Biennial, Silicon Valley, USA. I showed two new works, Clouding Green and Fortune 500 Cookies, and have placed the ARt Critic Face Matrix in the San Jose Museum of Art and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Please click here for an overview of my works for Zero1.
Click on an image below for an individual project.

"Clouding Green"
seen here at Google HQ

"Fortune 500 Cookies"
seen here at ZERO1 Garage

"ARt Critic Face Matrix"
seen here at SF MoMA



"When I Dream" @ Art Gwangju - augmented reality installation

Presented by The Art Syn Projects (London):

When I Dream

"When I Dream" was shown by
The Art Syn Projects (London)
as part of its exhibit "Fragmented Identity"

@ Art Gwangju, Korea

Sept. 5-9, 2012





"ARt Critic Face Matrix" in No.Need.For:Real? @ Triennale di Milano




"To Question is GOLD" - augmented reality installation
Nikolaj Kunsthal


Part of the Manifest.AR show at the
Nikolaj Kunsthal

for the 2012 Copenhagen Art Festival

August 24th - October 21st, 2012



"All Hail Damien Hirst" - AR intervention at the Tate Modern:

What the critics said:

"Fascinating" - Rosie Millard, author of The Tastemakers (Why Britain fell in love with Damien Hirst)

"I liked it alot - many thanks" - Julian Spalding, author of Con Art: Why you should sell your Damien Hirsts while you can



Goethe-Institut Second Life Artist in Residence:

"Dislocative Sculpture"

"Perceptive Dislocations"



"Louvre Illuminati" - Louvre intervention

Louvre Illuminati



"Reign of Gold" - AR Occupy Wall Street

reign of gold
Reign of Gold, 2011
NY Stock Exchange, Broad St. side
reign of gold
Reign of Gold, 2011
NY Stock Exchange, Wall St. side



DUMBO Arts Festival, Brooklyn

Shades of Absence: PublicVoids
(Brooklyn Bridge)

Shades of Absence: OutsideInside
(Manhattan Bridge)


Official Parallel Program to the ISTANBUL BIENNIAL

Captured (for Hrant)

"Invisible Istanbul"

AR Intervention in the Istanbul Biennial
In cooperation with PATTU Istanbul
[ See this link for documentation of my
work series "Captured Images" ]

Shades of Absence - Kasa Gallery

"Not There"

Kasa Gallery, Sabanci University
Artworks from the Manifest.AR
Venice Biennial 2011 Intervention


"Shades of Absence" - Venice Biennale 2011 AR Intervention

[ further venues ]

"Shades of Absence:
Outside Inside"

"Shades of Absence:
Public Void"

"Shades of Absence:
Schlingensief Gilded"


"Jasmine Rain (birdcage)" - augmented reality installation

Jasmine Rain (birdcage)
ICA Boston, 2011

Jasmine Rain (birdcage)
Tahrir Square, Cairo


"Carnation Rain (Largo do Carmo)" - augmented reality installation

Carnation Rain (Largo do Carmo), 2011
Memorial for the Carnation Revolution
Lisbon, Portugal


AR interventions in Brooklyn, New York

Eddie Mae: Return to Bushwick, Brooklyn 2010

7 Portraits for MariaH
Brooklyn 2010

Newtown Creek
Brooklyn 2011



"ARt Critic Face Matrix" - MoMA New York premiere

Art Critic Face Matrix
ARt Critic Face Matrix
MoMA NY, 2010

ARt Critic Face Matrix
Reloaded, 2011


"Virtuelle Mauer" Berlin Wall Project



"Travels of Mariko Horo" Project



Other Virtual Reality Projects



Video & Media Projects




Connection Machine
parallel supercomputer

CM-1 t-shirt reissued!

Beauty and the Beast
found object installation

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