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CM-1/CM-2 "Feynman" T-shirts

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CM-1 Logo design:

CM-1 logo

This is the t-shirt logo I designed in 1983 or early 1984, even before we had come up with the design for the CM-1 itself. In fact, we designed the CM-1 to look like this logo, thus making it the only supercomputer designed after a t-shirt!

The t-shirt then became famous as the "Feynman t-shirt" in the 1990s, when Apple's "Think different" campaign used a photo of Nobel physicist Richard Feynman wearing the CM-1 t-shirt.
(See Thunkos photo shoot!)


Short explanation of the logo:

  • The geometric boxes and their 'hard' connections represent the 12-dimensional 'cube of cubes' that forms the internal hardware network connecting all processor chips with each other in a maximum of 12 steps. Feynman is the one who suggested this structure, and I played with the topology until I came up with this representation, which can be expanded for an infinite number of dimensions.

  • The pom-poms and their 'soft' connections represent the software data structures inside the machine, which need not follow the topology of the hardware network.

  • For the full story, read the chapter "Architecture of a new machine" in my article on designing the look of the Connection Machine!

Colors: There are many color schemes, but I consider the 'classic' CM-1 to be:

  • t-shirt: black like the machine itself
  • 12-dimensional cube of cubes: yellow-gold for the hardware network
  • 'pom-poms:' red like the blinking red processor status lights



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All the men's CM-1 Logo products use the Flex Print technology. This is very durable, but requires a thicker line width and therefore a larger design.

Some women's t-shirts can use the larger, durable Flex Print. For those who wish a smaller, finer design, I offer versions using the Digital Direct printing technology. Digital Direct provides much finer detail, but is not as durable - see Spreadshirt help page with washing instructions.

All kids' t-shirts use the very durable Flex Print Tech.

Various accessories with the CM-1 Logo, using the Flex Print technology.



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  • Most products use the Flex Print technology, which is very durable but requires a design with thick line width.

  • The kid's t-shirts, because they are smaller, in the European shop have to use the Digital Direct technology, which is not quite as durable and has a different surface structure and coloring.

Many, many thanks to the helpful folks at spreadshirt.com!

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