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Beyond Manzanar: Screenshots

The current version of Beyond Manzanar cannot be downloaded from the Internet for various reasons. Here we offer a walkthrough of scenes from the piece to give you some idea of the experience.

In the real piece the virtual space is three dimensional and you can navigate on your own around each scene. Pathways and open doors and take you from scene to scene.

Click on each thumbnail to see a larger image.


internment camp Barracks and guard tower against the backdrop of the High Sierras. The sky fills slowly with headlines of war and hate.
fence poems Poems of exile and imprisonment in Farsi, English and Japanese are caught in the barbed wire fence.
Through the barrack windows you see scenes of daily life in the Manzanar Internment Camp.
The barracks are inhabited by ghosts from the past.

Japanese Garden:

Japanese pavilion Inner landscapes: View from the pavilion into the japanese paradise garden.
Inner landscapes: The plum tree, sign of resilience and hope.

The American Dream:

Taking leave of the homeland.
Immigration documents.
The Japanese-American Dream Room: Before the War.
The Japanese-American Dream: Broken by the Internment.
Fear of Internment: The Iranian Hostage Crisis.
The Iranian-American Dream Room.
The Iranian-American Nightmare.

Iranian Garden:

Inner landscapes: The Iranian paradise garden.

Iranian pavilion

Inner landscapes: In the iranian pavilion.

War and Resolution:


Video/Game/War. The only way out of the garden.

resolution poem

Mandala for Manzanar, Verse 1,
by Zara Houshmand.

Text and images 1998-2002 Tamiko Thiel and Zara Houshmand, all rights reserved.