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pblIsamFile Implementation


An open source C ISAM file implementation.


  • pblIsamClose close an ISAM file
  • pblIsamCommit commit or rollback changes done during a transaction
  • pblIsamDelete delete the current record of the ISAM file.
  • pblIsamFind find a record in an ISAM file, set the current record
  • pblIsamFlush flush an ISAM file
  • pblIsamGet get the key and keylen of a record
  • pblIsamInsert insert a new record with the given keys and data into the isam file,
  • pblIsamOpen open an ISAM file, creates the file if necessary
  • pblIsamReadData read the data of the current record
  • pblIsamReadDatalen read the datalen of the current record
  • pblIsamReadKey read the key and keylen of the current record
  • pblIsamSetCompareFunction set an application specific compare function for a key of an ISAM file
  • pblIsamStartTransaction start a transaction on a set of ISAM files
  • pblIsamUpdateData update the data of the current record
  • pblIsamUpdateKey update a key of the current record of the ISAM file

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