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int pblIsamGet

( pblIsamFile_t* isamfile, int which, int index,
  void* okey )

get the key and keylen of a record


get the key and keylen of a record

parameter which specifies which record to get relative to the search key specified by index. the following values for which are possible

PBLTHIS - get key and keylen of current record
PBLNEXT - get key and keylen of next record
PBLPREV - get key and keylen of previous record
PBLFIRST - get key and keylen of first record
PBLLAST - get key and keylen of last record

parameter index specifies which of the keys to get, the pseudo index value -1 can be used in order to access the file sequentially in the order the records were inserted. okey is not set in this case, a key length of 0 is returned in case the call went OK.

- the out parameter okey must point to a memory area that is big enough to hold any possible key, i.e 255 bytes

isamfile - ISAM file to read in
which - mode to use for read
index - index of key to use for read
okey - buffer for result key
int rc >= 0:
int rc < 0:

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