Mission Base

Program Base Library Functions

pblIsamFile_t* pblIsamOpen

( char* path,
  int update,
  void* filesettag,
  int nkeys,
  char** keyfilenames,
  int* keydup )

open an ISAM file, creates the file if necessary


open an ISAM file, creates the file if necessary

if update is 0, the ISAM file is opened for read access only, if update is not 0 the ISAM file is opened for reading and writing

a file set tag can be attached to the ISAM file, if a file having a non NULL file set tag is flushed to disk all files having the same file set tag attached are flushed as well.

path - path of file to create
update - flag: should file be opened for update?
filesettag - filesettag, for flushing multiple files consistently
nkeys - number of key files to create
keyfilenames - list of names of key index files to create
keydup - flaglist: is the i'th index key a duplicate key?
pblIsamFile_t * retptr == NULL: an error occurred, see pbl_errno
pblIsamFile_t * retptr != NULL: a pointer to an ISAM file descriptor

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