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pblKeyFile Implementation


An open source C key file implementation.


  • pblKfClose close a key file
  • pblKfCommit commit or rollback changes done during a transaction.
  • pblKfCreate create a key file with the name specified by path.
  • pblKfDelete delete the current record of the key file.
  • pblKfFind find a record in a key file, set the current record
  • pblKfFlush flush a key file
  • pblKfGetAbs set current record to a record with an absolute position index
  • pblKfGetRel set current record to a record with a relative position index
  • pblKfInit change the number of cache blocks used per open key file
  • pblKfInsert insert a new record with the given key and data into a key file,
  • pblKfOpen open an existing key file
  • pblKfRead read the data of the current record of the file
  • pblKfRestorePosition restore the position of the current record saved by the last previous call to pblKfSavePositi

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