Mission Base

Program Base Library Functions

pblKeyFile_t* pblKfOpen

( char* path,
  int update,
  void* filesettag )

Open an existing key file.


Open an existing key file.

If update is 0, the file is opened for read access only, if update is not 0 the file is opened for reading and writing

A file set tag can be attached to the file, if a file having a non NULL file set tag is flushed to disk all files having the same file set tag attached are flushed as well.

- the file must exist already
- the current record of the file will not be set

path - path of file to create
update - flag: should file be opened for update?
filesettag - file set tag, for flushing multiple files consistently
pblKeyFile_t * retptr == NULL: an error occured, see pbl_errno
pblKeyFile_t * retptr != NULL: a pointer to a key file descriptor

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