THIEL, PHILIP, design educator: * Memorial Page *

born Brooklyn, NY, 20 Dec. 1920; died Seattle, WA, 10 May 2014

parents: Philip and Alma Theone (Meyer) T.;

married: Midori Kono, 1955;

children: Philip Kenji, Tamiko N., Susan Akiko, Peter Akira (dec.).

BSc, Webb Inst. Naval Architecture, 1943;

MSc. U. Mich., 1948;

BArch, MIT, 1952.

registered arch., Wash.

Instr. naval architecture MIT, Cambridge, 1949-50;

instr. U. Calif., Berkeley, 1954-56, asst. prof., 1956-60;

assoc. prof. U. Wash., Seattle, 1961-66; prof. visual design and experiential notation U. Wash., 1966-91;

guest prof. Tokyo Inst. Tech., 1976-78;

vis. prof. Sapporo (Japan) Sch. of Arts, 1992-98;

lectr., U.S., Can., Japan, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Engl., Austria, Switzerland, Peru, Bolivia, Korea,

cons. FAO, Rome, 1952;

co-founder Environment and Behavior, 1969;

founder Ctr. for Experiential Notation, Seattle, 1981.

author: Freehand Drawing, 1965, Visual Awareness and Design, 1981, People, Paths and Purposes, 1997;

patentee in field. Soc. Naval Architects and Marine Engrs. scholar, 1947;

Rehmann scholar AIA, 1960;

NIMH grantee, 1967, Nat. Endowment for Arts, 1969, Graham Found., 1995. Mem. Soc., Naval Architects and Marine Engrs. (assoc.), Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi.

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