19:00, Thursday, 23rd February 2006
  Fachhochschule München
  Infanteriestraße 13
  Bldg N / Industrial Design (map)
  80335 München

  (Tram 12 or Bus 53 to Infanteriestrasse - MVV-Website)

Interactive Installations:                     
Introduction and Overview

                   >>>> NOTE: Presentations will be in German! <<<<

Stephan Gschwendtner from sense media will give an overview of the basic structure common to all interactive (media) installations, regardless of their complexity. He will demonstrate ways to develop installations that do not require a technical background. Additionally, he will give an overview of the current state of the technology and a peek into future possibilities.

After the introductory presentations all Upgraders are invited to try
out the "test stations" themselves!

  • Basic structure of interactive media installations
  • Software: MAX/MSP, Macromedia Director and Flash, Processing etc.
  • Sensors: What can be measured and how?
  • Interfaces: How does sensor data get into the computer?
  • Prices, where to buy, suggestions for simple solutions
  • Peek into the future
"Test stations:":
  • Camera as input device
  • Infrared sensors: The Interactive Book
  • Remote Sensing: Transmission of sensor data via network
  • Microphone as input device (Christoph Reiserer)
  • Controlling 3D graphics (Herbert Stocker+Tamiko Thiel)
  • Sins of our youth: How we started working with sensors as non-techies
    (Heike Siegert+Markus Arning)


Stephan Gschwendtner:  http://www.sense-media.de/
  • Born 1963 in Pasadena, California
  • 1983 - 1989 Studied Electrical Engineering at the TU München
  • 1990 - 1992 Jazz studies (Contrabass + E-Bass), Freien Musikzentrum München
  • 1989 - 1995 Development and construction of sound studio equipment at g.t.c. studiotechnic
  • 1995 - 2001 free-lance software developer for multimedia applications
  • 2001 Cofounder of the company HYPERMIRROR: multimedia sales promotion and interactive experiences.
  • End of 2004: Founded the company "sense media": reactive and interactive installations and enviroments
  • From 1980: musician in diverse bands: rock, pop, funk, jazz, electronic and experimental music, including the band "Louzy Days" with Christoph Reiserer

Christoph Reiserer:  Upgrade! Archive page
  • Christoph Reiserer was born 1966 in Wasserburg am Inn. He studied music theory and philosophy in Munich and Berlin. A self-taught saxophonist, he explores new techniques of playing and in general everything related to the process of the creation of music, with a particular interest in improvisation and music theater.

Herbert Stocker:  http://www.hersto.com/

  • 2002 Finished his study of Man-Machine-Communications at the TU München with a master's thesis on the topic "Design of a user interface for multimodal navigation in virtual 3D worlds."
  • Software developer for 3D input and navigation at blaxxun Interactive GmbH and Bitmanagement Software GmbH.

Tamiko Thiel:  http://www.mission-base.com/tamiko/
  • Born 1957 in Oakland, California
  • 1974-79 Bachelors in Product Design Engineering, Stanford University
  • 1981-83 Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Graphics, MIT
  • 1986-91 Diploma in Applied Graphics from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
  • From 1991: active as media artist in Japan, USA und Munich

Heike Siegert:  http://www.space-available.org/ois/index.htm
  • Born 1968 in Schlema, Germany. She studied Communication Design in Munich
    and Design Informatics in Halle. Since 2003 she has been teaching Interface Design at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Markus Arning:  http://www.space-available.org/ois/index.htm
  • Born 1969 in Hatting, Germany. After studying Physics for several semesters, he got a degree in Sociology.


Additional Links:
 Christoph Reiserer: ADevantgarde Website