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Brush the Sky

Wing Luke Museum gallery installation + site specific public art installations, 2015
Tamiko Thiel: Augmented reality (AR) & digital prints – Midori Kono Thiel: Japanese Calligraphy

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Brush the Sky gallery installation, CONSTRUCT\S exhibit, Wing Luke Museum

This video highlights details of Midori Kono Thiel's unique Japanese calligraphy, deconstructed across multiple mylar layers to create abstract transparent wall hangings. The hangings are overlaid with an animated augmented calligraphy layer by Tamiko Thiel. Click image for video on Vimeo.


Brush the Sky gallery installation



Midori Kono Thiel: Wing Luke Museum oral history videos

The Wing Luke Museum created these oral history video recordings of Midori Kono Thiel talking about four Brush the Sky sites in Seattle’s Nihonmachi/International District.

Go to Wing Luke's Brush the Sky videos page, or click images below for individual videos.

Nippon-Kan oral history
Nippon-Kan Theater
Nippon-Kan oral history
Kokusai Theater
Nippon-Kan oral history
Chinese Gate

Nippon-Kan oral history
Bush Garden Res



Brush the Sky augmented reality on-site videos

Impressions of what some of the augments look like in situ. For more information on individual sites and their calligraphy, please see the Brush the Sky AR launch map and click on each location.