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Geometries of Power - Fusion02 Chat log 

This is the chat log from the Fusion02 Event on December 6, 2002,
at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany.

L20021206204105 "we_dan": Besucher?
L20021206204930 "dr.scheme": wie geht n meine eigene headlight an?
L20021206205153 "dr.scheme": ich bin so aufgeregt ...
L20021206205258 "dr.scheme": ihr nicht auch ?..?
L20021206210055 "dr.scheme": everybody should turn his headlight on
L20021206210241 "dr.scheme":
L20021206210242 "dr.scheme":
L20021206210257 "dr.scheme": i'm absolutely excited
L20021206210523 "dan": hi, LA
L20021206210548 "Peter":
L20021206210555 "Peter": hi ucla!
L20021206210605 "Peter": this is actually tamiko, not peter
L20021206210642 "dr.ridu": peter - tamiko ?!?!
L20021206210717 "dr.ridu": start the panic
L20021206210753 "dr.scheme": hi edalA!
L20021206210839 "Tamiko": somebody say something, it's lonely here
L20021206210857 "jill": hi LA I am here also-Its snowing and 3 degrees
			but its politically hot
L20021206210903 "edalA": eda says HI!
L20021206210932 "dr.ridu": hi jill
L20021206210939 "Tamiko": how's the weather in LA?
L20021206210953 "sherry": hi
L20021206211004 "dr.ridu": hi edaia
L20021206211005 "Tamiko": hi sherry, where are you?
L20021206211009 "edalA": HOT! as usual
L20021206211025 "sherry": Hi Tamiko
L20021206211029 "sherry": Germany here
L20021206211036 "edalA": Hi Jill and Tamiko, nice to see your words again
L20021206211037 "dr.scheme": let's restart it!°!!!!!!!!!°
L20021206211037 "jill": Hi all...welcome to Fusion 2002 ON-LINE where we
			have to divide the world in half
L20021206211056 "Tamiko": sherry - where in germany?
L20021206211107 "sherry": near Kobelnz
L20021206211112 "sherry": Koblenz
L20021206211116 "jill": Sherry identify yourself
L20021206211127 "sherry": ups
L20021206211134 "dr.scheme": sherry, your avatar is kind of... interesting
L20021206211158 "dr.scheme": if you can't drag anything, just restart!!!
L20021206211158 "sherry": oh yes thats the phoenix sun
L20021206211202 "Tamiko": cool! avatar, sherry
L20021206211221 "Peter": huhu
L20021206211223 "Tamiko": we just did a reload to reset the world state
L20021206211239 "sherry": hi peter
L20021206211249 "sherry": bist du das?
L20021206211253 "dr.scheme": what the ... is the phoenix sun???
L20021206211304 "sherry": avatar made by Clean
L20021206211315 "dr.scheme": oooh...!
L20021206211318 "jill": eda can you say something..we need an american voice
L20021206211322 "dr.scheme": haeaeaeaeh,,,?
L20021206211332 "dr.scheme": hi sherry!!!
L20021206211338 "dr.scheme": nice to see you!
L20021206211340 "sherry": hi doc
L20021206211351 "edalA": either you are with us or . . .
L20021206211353 "dr.scheme": how are you?
L20021206211403 "sherry": testing my new DSL
L20021206211407 "sherry": :)
L20021206211420 "sherry": much more faster - yeah
L20021206211422 "dr.scheme": it does work obviously
L20021206211427 "edalA": When can we start bombing?
L20021206211438 "dr.scheme": nice eyes you have!
L20021206211439 "sherry": gotto go
L20021206211442 "sherry": bye for now
L20021206211443 "Tamiko": bomb away, this is a free for all
L20021206211445 "dr.scheme": bombing?!?!?
L20021206211454 "dr.ridu": bye sherry
L20021206211456 "dr.scheme":
L20021206211457 "edalA": what else is there to do?
L20021206211458 "dr.scheme":
L20021206211501 "dr.ridu": ;---))))
L20021206211520 "dan": hm, theres a way to hack this :)
L20021206211533 "Tamiko": drag the images into the space and see what happens
L20021206211537 "jill": sherry--stay as you can see its pure satire here
L20021206211638 "edalA": where are your arms plants?
L20021206211645 "dr.ridu": WHAT DOES IZAAK SAY
L20021206211649 "Besucher": you'll never find em
L20021206211652 "Tamiko": we won't tell you
L20021206211700 "edalA": You need to show them to us
L20021206211700 "dr.ridu": i don't like besucher
L20021206211701 "dr.scheme": itzaak said, he was kind of swimmin'
L20021206211702 "dr.ridu": ;-)))
L20021206211708 "jill": well that depends on where your oil is
L20021206211712 "dr.ridu": spast
L20021206211717 "Tamiko": there are no weapons of destruction here
L20021206211721 "edalA": our oil is everywhere
L20021206211722 "dr.scheme": don't blame me!
L20021206211734 "dr.ridu": the sound is kinda destruct me !!!
L20021206211736 "dr.scheme": we are goin to berlin tomorrow!!!!!!
L20021206211741 "test": hi can some one help me plz
L20021206211742 "edalA": einen schoenen guten tag wuenschen wir allerseitz!
L20021206211744 "dr.ridu": na toll !!!
L20021206211751 "dr.scheme": its confusing, isn't it
L20021206211758 "dr.ridu": haeehhh ??!?
L20021206211800 "edalA": we speak many languages...
L20021206211810 "dr.ridu": who's we ?!?
L20021206211816 "Tamiko": how many are there at the eda?
L20021206211821 "test": hi can some one help me please
L20021206211822 "dr.ridu": ...we don't care
L20021206211823 "edalA": we are the eda
L20021206211827 "mark": vraimont?
L20021206211834 "dr.scheme": who, that's impressing
L20021206211838 "jill": who is we at the eda
L20021206211841 "dr.scheme": aeaeh ... me
L20021206211847 "edalA": the team from the design/media arts dep. of ucla
L20021206211858 "mark": you're the team? :)
L20021206211905 "edalA": genau
L20021206211908 "mark": :)
L20021206211910 "jill": how many-american voice 10-20?
L20021206211911 "dr.ridu": ... eda you're with us...
L20021206211914 "Raven": .
L20021206211920 "dr.scheme": who is raven?`
L20021206211927 "dr.ridu": a black bird...
L20021206211941 "dr.ridu": ;-))))))))
L20021206211944 "dr.scheme": the one of allen poe?
L20021206211958 "dr.ridu": ...ein raabe ging im feld spazieren...
L20021206212005 "dr.ridu": ... da fiel der wqeizen um...
L20021206212006 "jill": welcome its starting to be a good party
L20021206212006 "edalA": helge ole
L20021206212015 "edalA": hi jill
L20021206212016 "dr.ridu": ...ein helgerlein... !!!
L20021206212017 "dr.scheme": ...weil meine eltern rabeneltern sind...
L20021206212017 "Tamiko": who???
L20021206212025 "dr.ridu": what the ...
L20021206212030 "edalA": where are you physically
L20021206212036 "Tamiko": we are in weimar
L20021206212039 "edalA": jill
L20021206212055 "Tamiko": we had a visitor from koblenz but we scared them away
L20021206212108 "jill": Hi whats up we are helping Bush to divide the world in
 half- intelligent isnt it- Im in weimar with the others.
L20021206212127 "edalA": nice
L20021206212207 "dr.ridu": everyone should turn the headlights on !!!
L20021206212250 "dr.ridu": who' s not from weimar ?!?!
L20021206212305 "edalA": us
L20021206212321 "dr.ridu": what's eda
L20021206212444 "jill": We started again- so join in- again
L20021206212523 "dr.ridu": everybody should turn the headlight on !!!
L20021206212536 "edalA": kristian we're right in front of you
L20021206212548 "edalA": what can we do now?
L20021206212614 "jill": Wh are the  eda people. Hello semiramis- where are
 you from
L20021206212631 "edalA": hi
L20021206212650 "dr.ridu": yoe can drag in the pictures and  aehhhh..... ;-)
L20021206212657 "edalA": hi dan
L20021206212706 "dan": hi edaIA
L20021206212709 "dr.ridu": hi dan
L20021206212715 "edalA": funny
L20021206212718 "kristian": hi dic
L20021206212721 "dr.scheme": hi edAl, hio dan!
L20021206212723 "jill": HEda Have you read the email- about the project- you can
 drag politicians onto the buildings- then you can drag the terrorists onto the
L20021206212726 "kristian": hi doc
L20021206212736 "dr.scheme": hi kristian!
L20021206212809 "dr.ridu": hi dr.schemel
L20021206212820 "dr.scheme": hi djridu!
L20021206212821 "dr.ridu": who is dr. schemel
L20021206212855 "dr.scheme": dr.scheme is the one who knows everything about
L20021206212910 "dr.scheme": thats obviously, isn't it?
L20021206213002 "dr.ridu": what about content
L20021206213023 "dr.scheme": hi, back again
L20021206213048 "dr.scheme": sorry, but i have to refresh...
L20021206213127 "dr.scheme": if you cannot drag anything, you'll have to reload
 the session...
L20021206213222 "dr.scheme": hi uli!
L20021206213237 "dr.scheme": we lost uli!!!
L20021206213242 "Bush": ole of Bush ..so get your guns out
L20021206213254 "dr.ridu": calm down...
L20021206213258 "Bush": Jill is bush
L20021206213302 "uli": guude!
L20021206213315 "dr.ridu": ...jill is brian...
L20021206213327 "dr.scheme": no dr_ridu is brian...
L20021206213330 "dr.ridu": no, i'm brian...
L20021206213339 "Bush": So you arseholes I know the oli game and we is all in
 it so there
L20021206213348 "edalA": hi
L20021206213349 "dr.ridu": ...arse... ?!?
L20021206213352 "dr.scheme": who are you, hg?
L20021206213403 "hg": a scheme
L20021206213419 "dr.ridu": may dr.scheme help ya ?!?!
L20021206213421 "dr.scheme": oh, thats funny.,
L20021206213442 "dr.ridu": frag what ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
L20021206213456 "dr.ridu": hi sinus frag !!!
L20021206213501 "Bush": so I am open -tell me all your problems..if i cannot
 solve them then I will buy you out
L20021206213504 "dr.scheme": ho ho ho
L20021206213523 "dan": mr bush, how did u get rich?
L20021206213530 "Bush": Money talks my father taught me that
L20021206213541 "Tamiko": hallo holger!
L20021206213542 "dan": yea, but where did u get it from?
L20021206213605 "Bush": by lying and cheating how else?
L20021206213623 "dan": ah. uhm... i didnt expect u to admit that, actually :)
L20021206213628 "tamiko": bist du es
L20021206213643 "ossama": i knew it all the time...
L20021206213703 "Bush": well this is only a VRML so I can say what I want
L20021206213710 "dr.scheme": where are all the ucla people?
L20021206213720 "edalA": we're here
L20021206213720 "dan": ah, and we cant prove it was you, eh?
L20021206213730 "edalA": wir hoeren zu
L20021206213737 "dr.scheme": oh, that's fine..
L20021206213741 "Bush": like all good americans the eda is not speaking out
 against me
L20021206213746 "dr.scheme": how do you like that event?
L20021206213746 "content !!!": content
L20021206213818 "Bush": welcome content..what is content actually?
L20021206213831 "content !!!": oil
L20021206213837 "ossama": :_)
L20021206213846 "content !!!": the whales are dying
L20021206213847 "Bush": wooo theres a shark in our midst
L20021206213850 "tamiko": award for most beautiful avatar to mOemu
L20021206213858 "dr.scheme": mOe what does your avatar represent actually?
L20021206213859 "ossama": hu?
L20021206213901 "ossama": me?
L20021206213905 "mOemu": lagging ty tamiko :)
L20021206213913 "content !!!": ROTFL
L20021206213929 "Bush": ossama loks good as a shark
L20021206213929 "mOemu": cosmic whale <
L20021206213938 "edalA": where are all of you guys in the vrml world?
L20021206213957 "dan": we're, uhm, around?
L20021206214002 "dr.scheme": just double click on the nicknames
L20021206214015 "uli": is there anybody out there?
L20021206214015 "Bush": im on the buildings of course
L20021206214019 "edalA": i can only see two of you
L20021206214019 "tamiko": right click on a name, then beam to
L20021206214022 "mOemu": why this world is so lagging ?
L20021206214036 "ossama": there is a lot going on.
L20021206214048 "Bush": because I am dividig it in half and well this takes time
L20021206214051 "dr.scheme": just refresah....
L20021206214053 "ossama": oh, you mean the vrml...
L20021206214059 "tamiko": the world will die
L20021206214111 "dan": ay, uli. helloooo
L20021206214115 "dr.scheme": hi ulii.. back again?
L20021206214127 "tamiko": ... and the be reborn#
L20021206214129 "uli": yeah dan!, coool :-)
L20021206214140 "edalA": rebooting all the time...
L20021206214150 "dr.scheme": if you don't have a clean world, just reload the ie
L20021206214155 "edalA":  hi
L20021206214158 "mOemu": oki i understood your pics are not optimized
L20021206214210 "edalA": hi
L20021206214214 "bush is  not here": ...not here
L20021206214239 "bush (alias Jill)": you cannot get rid of me that easily
L20021206214249 "dr.scheme": i didn't think it would be that funn<
L20021206214257 "dr.scheme": aehaeh funny
L20021206214259 "Donald Rumsfeld": ey george, old boy!
L20021206214318 "dr.scheme": donald rumsfeld is joinin'us!!!!
L20021206214342 "hg": somebody taking screenshots ?
L20021206214345 "Donald Rumsfeld": got a problem?
L20021206214350 "bush (alias Jill)": sometime we just have to re-fresh our
 minds..with a good dose of nationalism
L20021206214403 "Donald Rumsfeld": (my words)
L20021206214459 "dr.scheeme": the world is overloaded ........
L20021206214524 "dr.ridu": ...start the panic
L20021206214525 "dr.scheeme": relopading the server
L20021206214528 "bush (alias Jill)": we are re-booting
L20021206214541 "dr.ridu": ... der himmel wird unsd auf den kopf fallen...
L20021206214548 "tamiko": weäre doing a total restart
L20021206214554 "tamiko": shutting down the server
L20021206214557 "tamiko": and rebooting
L20021206214612 "aston": hola
L20021206214628 "dr.scheeme": ?que tal?
L20021206214634 "aston": q hjaces loco
L20021206214639 "aston": hablas castellano
L20021206214642 "aston": buena onda
L20021206214646 "dr.scheeme": si... un poco
L20021206214648 "aston": este bush me tiene podrido
L20021206214658 "aston": where are yo from_?
L20021206214703 "dr.scheeme": que es podrio?
L20021206214715 "aston": hinchado las bolas
L20021206214730 "dr.scheeme": that's a bunch of fun all, isn't it?
L20021206214732 "Donald Rumsfeld": uh, they'll kick us
L20021206215113 "dr.scheme": entering a totally refreshed world....
L20021206215125 "tamiko": hi marino
L20021206215128 "edalA": hi again
L20021206215129 "dr.scheme": dragging pictures on the buildings
L20021206215153 "tamiko": hi carl
L20021206215202 "carl": hi tamiko
L20021206215203 "dr.ridu": everyone shuold turn the light on...
L20021206215244 "dr.ridu": hi frank
L20021206215246 "dr.scheme": dr.ridu has a picture of donald rumsfeld on his
L20021206215246 "burning_bush": saddam, old fella!
L20021206215336 "dr.scheme": watch the world from viewpoint SE, its
L20021206215356 "edalA": ui ui ui
L20021206215358 "dr.scheme": hi africa, where are you from
L20021206215450 "Africa": I represent a nation in a mess
L20021206215510 "dr.scheme": which nation, actually?
L20021206215527 "edalA": all nations are a mess
L20021206215622 "dr.scheme": refreshing once in awhile...
L20021206215628 "dr.ridu": hi africa - where are you from ?!?
L20021206215653 "edalA": hi
L20021206215658 "W": africa... where's that?
L20021206215659 "Besucher": hi
L20021206215704 "tamiko": hi
L20021206215709 "edalA": hi hi
L20021206215717 "tamiko": hi
L20021206215722 "dr.scheme": africa, principally is in the south of europe
L20021206215723 "uli": aloha
L20021206215726 "Africa": well as I said what will happen to us???
L20021206215737 "Besucher": aloh 2 melbourne
L20021206215740 "tamiko": get more oil, africa
L20021206215743 "dr.scheme": so uli, you are from hawaiiii?
L20021206215746 "dr.ridu": dr.ridu begruesst marino
L20021206215757 "Africa": Can anyone be serious here?
L20021206215813 "dr.scheme": everyone is serious, actually....
L20021206215833 "dr.scheme": who is frank, by the way?
L20021206215841 "dr.ridu": i'm waiting too !!!
L20021206215846 "sababa": sababa waves hello to everyone
L20021206215852 "Africa": well dr. Scheme Bush wont give us and Anti-Viral drugs
 for cheap
L20021206215856 "dr.ridu": i'm waiting too °!!!
L20021206215915 "Problembericht" to bill gates
L20021206215931 "sababa": hello room
L20021206215938 "dr.scheme": andrer, who are you
L20021206215949 "dr.ridu": africa, you don't need oil...
L20021206215957 "sababa": is there any female in this chat room? i am new here
L20021206220003 "dr.scheme": why africa doesn't neeed oil?
L20021206220005 "edalA": i am
L20021206220029 "Africa": As you can see its impossible for Africa to live is
 such a world- know one answers me
L20021206220031 "W": africa has some oil of its own
L20021206220037 "Samson": hi
L20021206220040 "W": this is giving me some ideas...
L20021206220045 "enron": can you eat oil
L20021206220049 "dr.scheme": hi samson, welcomne in this, very funny session...
L20021206220053 "W": _i_ can.
L20021206220054 "Africa": mmbut we are all dying so whats the use
L20021206220124 "enron": that's the plan ...
L20021206220125 "Samson": why is this place lagging so much
L20021206220138 "enron": lots of images slow down computer
L20021206220151 "Anderer": samson, too many images in here
L20021206220151 "Samson": im gone then
L20021206220154 "dr.scheme": it's gettin' horroful in here...
L20021206220240 "Anderer": clean plate again
L20021206220452 "GiL_TheB": hi all
L20021206220504 "edalA": hi everyone, if you want to see us at ucla, here's the
 live stream: http://eda.ucla.edu/archive/ram/live.ram
L20021206220615 "edalA": yup
L20021206220658 "edalA": so how is the world doing?
L20021206220730 "Africa": well its changing and we are taking screen shots
L20021206220739 "d": hm. my realplayer has trouble connecting to yous.
L20021206220753 "Africa": you should take some too
L20021206220758 "edalA": oh, that's bad
L20021206220815 "edalA": we'll check it
L20021206220820 "Africa": when we get up the realplayer then we will take a shot
L20021206220852 "Conn.....  [ad infinitum]
L20021206220859 "W": oh, yea, shootin'...
L20021206220911 "edalA": bombing
L20021206220923 "Africa": what a world its worlds apart from reality is'nt it?
L20021206220936 "d": i think its quite real :)
L20021206220938 "edalA": what's reality?
L20021206220946 "enron": this is real
L20021206220955 "edalA": of course it is
L20021206220958 "enron": enron is dead
L20021206221010 "enron": I am the ghost of internet past
L20021206221016 "W": :)
L20021206221109 "Africa": enron-how much did you actually spend on the Bush
L20021206221209 "enron": I will come back to haunt Bush ...
L20021206221211 "edalA": i have a suggestion: let's all meet in the middle of
 the buildings and create a big image mess!
L20021206221220 "enron": yes!
L20021206221232 "Africa": Bush wants to start is own bushfire- you can see it on
 one of the buildings
L20021206221317 "edalA": ok enron, i'm waiting for you
L20021206221337 "enron": I'm here and dragging, but my images don't appear
L20021206221343 "edalA": hi
L20021206221353 "edalA": mine don't either
L20021206221402 "Peter": time for refresh
L20021206221407 "Peter": stand by
L20021206221411 "edalA": nooo
L20021206221411 "dr.scheme": back again
L20021206221415 "Africa": we have to re-fresh as the world gets too full
L20021206221425 "peter": ...more leikeim !!!
L20021206221442 "dr.scheme": prost peter...
L20021206221551 "edalA": here we go again...
L20021206221556 "dr.scheme": peter, you ant one, i'll bring it to you..#
L20021206221646 "enron": eda, I'm in the middle
L20021206221705 "Peter": anybody here with me
L20021206221739 "edalA": kirk! here with us, how nice
L20021206221753 "edalA": tell us how to save the world
L20021206221824 "edalA": hi enron
L20021206221833 "Ms Biotech": Hi Bush sent me
L20021206221840 "hg": CTRL-F11 so save world
L20021206221905 "enron": eda hit print screen to make screen shots
L20021206221917 "edalA": why
L20021206221920 "print screen" then paste the image into photoshop
L20021206221930 "enron": then go into photoshop, open a new file then paste into
L20021206221931 "edalA": and then?
L20021206221956 "Ms Biotech": just use print-screen to save in photoshp screen
 shots as we go along..scientific advise here
L20021206222006 "pjotrrr": we're gettin'serious, aren't we...
L20021206222023 "hg": where is bush ?
L20021206222026 "edalA": and then we exhibit it?
L20021206222028 "enron": for me each print screen overwrites the last one
L20021206222033 "edalA": cool
L20021206222039 "edalA": moments of erasure
L20021206222111 "Ms Biotech": ok so save them in photoshop
L20021206222143 "cpt. kirk": 1 min to erasure...
L20021206222149 "Ms Biotech": Jill is Ms biotech its more interesting if we take
 on characters.
L20021206222211 "Ms Biotech": so next time come in as someone
L20021206222314 "cpt. kirk": who's with us ?!?
L20021206222315 "edalA": hg, you look cool
L20021206222353 "cpt. kirk": cpt. kirk begruesst hg
L20021206222402 "hg": cpt kirk, hi there
L20021206222406 "cpt. kirk": cpt. kirk lächelt hg an
L20021206222409 "Ms Biotech": I say that we will fix any distruction which you
 might want to cause in the real world
L20021206222412 "not guilty": i'm with neither. and...
L20021206222419 "not guilty": /me 's _NOT GUILTY_
L20021206222434 "hg": guilty who is guilty ?
L20021206222508 "Der Andere"
L20021206222515 "Ms Biotech": dont aks just take on the role...I can re-create
L20021206222525 "hector": who made this code actually?
L20021206222537 "dr.ridu": hecter is a biotech
L20021206222546 "not guilty": I'm not guilty.
L20021206222548 "Ms Biotech": his hector do you believe in me?
L20021206222556 "edalA": me neither
L20021206222558 "enron": blaxxun, holger grahn and the bauhaus/weimar
L20021206222621 "gib alles was du hast kumpel"
L20021206222633 "K.I.T.T.": turbo booooost.....
L20021206222636 "edalA": fuer was geben?
L20021206222637 "dr.ridu": ...fersengeld
L20021206222716 "hg": more fire
L20021206222720 "K.I.T.T.": there's a right light movin' from left to right and
 vice versa...
L20021206222732 "Ms Biotech": well its time to re-fresh..like any good molecular
L20021206222746 "edalA": you are doing nothing but refreshing
L20021206222819 "Anderer": well we refresh whenever it gets too slow
L20021206222828 "Anderer": and now it is getting slow
L20021206222838 "not guilty": the images are the content :)
L20021206222843 "Ms Biotech": well if peole would use the chat more and go less
 crazy on the images we would not need to
L20021206222906 "enron": multi user is visual stream of conciousness
L20021206222910 "enron": live with it
L20021206222943 "Ms Biotech": mind you its a wold full of dominating media
 propaganda is it not?
L20021206223240 "Prince_Be": heya all
L20021206223409 "Ms Biotech": Uli is in Australia, Eda is in LA and we are in
L20021206223409 "hg": Bin Laden is God
L20021206223415 "fab": hi
L20021206223549 "Ms Biotech": Ms biotech wants to know if she can re-construct
 anything natural for you
L20021206223610 "hg": reconstruct me, I want to be 7
L20021206223611 "Africa": where is hsd
L20021206223618 "Africa": aehhh jsd
L20021206223630 "tonto": holger was redest du fuer schmarrn
L20021206223644 "Africa": what is schmarrn
L20021206223717 "dr.scheme": jsd is in the house....
L20021206223729 "tonto": schmarrn is yummy
L20021206223806 "dr.scheme": is it??
L20021206223821 "dr.scheme": how does it taste like??
L20021206223848 "tonto": kaiserschmarrrn!
L20021206223903 "tonto": egg, sugar, raisins, cinnamon
L20021206223903 "Peter": that is the problem
L20021206223903 "dr.scheme": hi tonto!
L20021206223908 "tonto": hi
L20021206223919 "dr.scheme": where are you joinin' us from?
L20021206223927 "tonto": who?
L20021206223948 "uli": hi jill
L20021206223949 "tonto": no soy marinera, soy capitan
L20021206224000 "tonto": jill is taking photos
L20021206224004 "uli": how're ya doin?
L20021206224016 "tonto": she's been wondering why you won't talk to her
L20021206224029 "tonto": here she's coming - stay tuned uli
L20021206224131 "dr.scheme": the a-team is joinin
L20021206224209 "dr.scheme": its time for refreshin'.................
L20021206224221 "uli": hi jill
L20021206224232 "uli": cheers from melbourne
L20021206224235 "uli": _:)
L20021206224327 "jill": how is the www site going uli?
L20021206224328 "templeton pec": tonto:i'm asking again, where do you joinin'
L20021206224350 "tonto": I'z on the res, boy wo is you?
L20021206224414 "tonto": dsl straight to the casino, you know
L20021206224418 "uli": ill be uploading the test version in about an hour
L20021206224424 "uli": fast enough :-)
L20021206224427 "uli": ?
L20021206224446 "tonto": ever since we figured out how to get money out of you
 pale faces
L20021206224453 "templeton pec": africa.. stop this draggin...
L20021206224456 "tonto": things have been different here on the res
L20021206224501 "dan": sometimes this stuff is even working
L20021206224505 "jill": great..looking forward...do you like the VRML..I ahve
 been trying to make some serious points but
L20021206224533 "jill": ...but ...but know one is joining in...
L20021206224558 "uli": its treally interesting - too bad im only on a modem
L20021206224615 "uli": and every minute or so, the systems having a breakdon
L20021206224622 "uli": or the browser crashes
L20021206224656 "jill": Whay are you standing on the edge Uli? too bad...about
 that its fine here
L20021206224739 "jill": its because your on a modem Uli...
L20021206224753 "uli": i couldnt afford dsl (its pretty expensive here)
L20021206224802 "templeton pec": uli is aqmodem....?
L20021206224813 "uli": so i got a dialup
L20021206224820 "dan": poor bastard
L20021206224821 "uli": yes - i am a modem
L20021206224827 "templeton pec": so tonto, how do you like this session?
L20021206224836 "mark": i wish i had a telephone line to use a modem with...
L20021206224846 "templeton pec": how is it, to live as a modem..?
L20021206224847 "jill": what happened to the LA people are you still with us?
L20021206224849 "uli": hear me calling §)$(&§$(/&"§)(/"§$
L20021206224857 "tonto": lots of strange people here
L20021206224910 "edalA": la is watching
L20021206224913 "templeton pec": i'm just dialling, ulii
L20021206224929 "edalA": so what were you're points jill?
L20021206224929 "jill": yes ...mao just joined us on the buildings
L20021206224938 "uli": who is joining you in weimar?
L20021206224945 "templeton pec": me...
L20021206224952 "mark": me, too...
L20021206224955 "uli": real names?
L20021206224958 "mark": as you know
L20021206225003 "templeton pec": never....
L20021206225006 "mark": no way!
L20021206225007 "jill": well I was interested to see what happened if we took on
L20021206225023 "templeton pec": and it worked...
L20021206225027 "Africa": I'm nelson mandela
L20021206225055 "Africa": who's barbara bush ?!
L20021206225057 "jill": Hi Nelson...I heard you are also worried?
L20021206225108 "Barbara Bush": i'm the first lady, don't you know?
L20021206225114 "Africa": hi jill - about what
L20021206225131 "Barbara Bush": or, i was...
L20021206225133 "Africa": hi barbara - no i didn't
L20021206225138 "edalA": hey first lady, what do you think?
L20021206225147 "edalA": about the situation
L20021206225147 "Barbara Bush": me, think?
L20021206225150 "jill": Ok about this stupid division of the world into good and
L20021206225151 "edalA": ok
L20021206225156 "Barbara Bush": (gotta ask my husband about this)
L20021206225202 "edalA": right
L20021206225224 "edalA": good and evil is primitive
L20021206225225 "Africa": its 360° - there's no division - but in the heads
L20021206225235 "Barbara Bush": actually i think that, er, this saddam guy, he
 is a real thread to us.
L20021206225236 "edalA": but this is obvious to the people that can think
L20021206225301 "edalA": unlike b.b.
L20021206225319 "Barbara Bush": and $400.000.000.000 a year is not enough as a
 military budget
L20021206225321 "jill": how many people think in the world..50%?
L20021206225332 "edalA": good question
L20021206225344 "Africa": everybody is able to think - that's no excuse !!!
L20021206225352 "edalA": how many people are given a chance to think?
L20021206225352 "jill": barbara are you thinking?
L20021206225403 "Barbara Bush": you mean, right now?
L20021206225442 "edalA": and even if you think, do you have a chance to make a
L20021206225459 "jill": Well the problem seems to be future-thinking as a
L20021206225512 "janstrate": now the plug is cut...
L20021206225520 "edalA": what plug
L20021206225521 "Barbara Bush": me? shure! my husband used to be president, and
 my son is it now!
L20021206225559 "edalA": hg, you are standing on my shoulders
L20021206225606 "jill": Barbara go smoke a joint and shift your reality
L20021206225610 "Barbara Bush": :)
L20021206225616 "edalA": :-)
L20021206225624 "Barbara Bush": what a nice idea... hey wait... it's illegal,
 isn't it?
L20021206225630 "edalA": depends
L20021206225636 "edalA": not in holland
L20021206225647 "Barbara Bush": yes it is. it is just tolerated.
L20021206225652 "edalA": but there aren't so many dutch terrorists
L20021206225700 "Barbara Bush": technically it still is illegal.
L20021206225706 "edalA": maybe that's the solution
L20021206225714 "Barbara Bush": toleration?
L20021206225726 "edalA": it's tolerated in germany too, to a certain extent
L20021206225726 "dan": are u sure about the number of dutch terrorists?
L20021206225744 "edalA": but not in the us, where i am stuck now
L20021206225757 "edalA": i'm not sure bout anything
L20021206225804 "dan":	:)
L20021206225817 "edalA": but i haven't seen any dutch terrorists on tv
L20021206225817 "jill": Well umm..that just the problem the focus on what is
 legal and what not is all mixed up
L20021206225838 "janstrate": ...
L20021206225842 "dan": are there american terrorists on tv?
L20021206225853 "american taliban" ?
L20021206225855 "dan": they all have these beards.
L20021206225900 "edalA": many times, but they are not called terrorists
L20021206225900 "janstrate": ...colatreal damage
L20021206225917 "dan": know what you mean :/
L20021206225918 "Barbara Bush": thgey are called what? mr. pres...
L20021206225923 "tonto": freedom fighters
L20021206225926 "tonto": presidents
L20021206225938 "edalA": bill
L20021206225943 "edalA": all of them
L20021206225949 "tonto": cheney
L20021206225951 "jill": re- fresh and I will return as another being
L20021206225954 "dan": yea, bill them :)
L20021206225959 "dan": bill all of them
L20021206230016 "dan": aaah, refreshing.
L20021206230025 "uli": :-)
L20021206230036 "karl": hallo
L20021206230037 "Barbara Bush": :)
L20021206230042 "dan": hi karl
L20021206230045 "Barbara Bush": hallo karl
L20021206230110 "Barbara Bush": Condy!
L20021206230141 "dan": ah. andreas! where have you left your brain?
L20021206230156 "uli": is da kelim around?
L20021206230202 "Barbara Bush": nope
L20021206230216 "uli": whats he doin?
L20021206230240 "Barbara Bush": i need to have a cigarette now...
L20021206230252 "black oil slick": now Jill is Black oil slick
L20021206230609 "karl": hallo
L20021206230623 "hog": hog waves good-bye to euch
L20021206230623 "alain": hi
L20021206230637 "Barbara Bush": well black oil slick has taken over other users
L20021206230650 "uli": hier, mark bush?
L20021206230733 "alain": karl ?
L20021206230756 "black oil slick": are you still both there..La and Australia?
L20021206230828 "uli": jep - melbourne's still there :-)
L20021206230842 "black oil slick": is it working now?
L20021206230852 "uli": its much better now
L20021206230915 "black oil slick": have a look at the avatar of hg
L20021206230918 "uli": maybe because theres fewer poepl in the system
L20021206230918 "alain": hum ? really ???
L20021206230941 "alain": where you go like this ?
L20021206230947 "alain": purpose ?
L20021206230953 "black oil slick": that right we have eight people who just left
 for a smoke
L20021206231014 "alain": are you new red faction ?
L20021206231048 "CRice": no, this is an art project
L20021206231053 "uli": wheres hg hangin around?
L20021206231105 "alain": of course
L20021206231106 "alain": i see :-)
L20021206231113 "black oil slick": alain where are you from? Uli LA and I want
 to know so we can seep into your mind...
L20021206231133 "alain": france
L20021206231148 "alain": are you police ??
L20021206231151 "alain": ahahah
L20021206231157 "CRice": yes, black oil slick is approaching france right now
L20021206231221 "alain": not with bombs i hope
L20021206231250 "alain": where are you working for this project ?
L20021206231306 "black oil slick": just click on him and beam in...yes the
 bio-tech specialists cant clean me up quite yet can they?
L20021206231335 "datenschleuder": datenschleuder begruesst alain
L20021206231346 "Prince_Be": hello all
L20021206231356 "dan": hello Prince_Be
L20021206231406 "Prince_Be": hi dan
L20021206231411 "tonto": all hail prince Be!
L20021206231413 "alain": dont speak german
L20021206231415 "black oil slick": eight of us are in Weimar Germany- some in LA
 others in Australia...
L20021206231424 "yahd": yet another hussein double
L20021206231434 "alain": k
L20021206231439 "uli": how did you all get these fancy avatars?
L20021206231447 "uli": im impressed :-)
L20021206231454 "alain": and ??? after ??? the purpose ???
L20021206231510 "tonto": purpose: to boldly go where no one has gone before
L20021206231519 "black oil slick": They are long time users these hot avatars...
 no oilo slick on them then is there?
L20021206231528 "alain": hum
L20021206231533 "tonto": purpose: to comfort the afflicted and afflict the
L20021206231547 "tonto": purpose: to confuse the issues and confound the pundits
L20021206231600 "tonto": so you want more purpose???
L20021206231609 "alain": confuse we are , yes
L20021206231615 "alain": and it is good
L20021206231628 "tonto": good that it is good .. muy bon
L20021206231639 "datenschleuder": ...confusication...
L20021206231642 "tonto": tonto no speak good with forked tongue
L20021206231645 "alain": bueno
L20021206231649 "tonto": how?
L20021206231706 "dan": ah. the official event is over since 15 minutes :)
L20021206231715 "informal"
L20021206231723 "tonto": now starts the unofficial part
L20021206231726 "datenschleuder": don't care about time...
L20021206231733 "alain": baader was not an al kaida
L20021206231733 "tonto": let down your pants, dan ...
L20021206231741 "dan": uhm
L20021206231744 "alain": very different
L20021206231744 "tonto":  - oops sorry, I mean hair
L20021206231746 "uli": hi dan
L20021206231747 "dan": how do i get my avatar to do that
L20021206231755 "black oil slick": >Words are cheap these days-so the slime bags
L20021206231853 "words are weapons"
L20021206231935 "alain": rice has weapons but no words
L20021206231940 "datenschleuder": aeeeehhmmmm ?!?
L20021206231945 "uli": does anyone of you know gibsons biochips or monalisa
L20021206232035 "uli": the vrml world with its avatars and structures pretty
 much remeinds me ob his vision of the matrix
L20021206232127 "tonto": blaxxun's business model was snow crash
L20021206232151 "business model"?
L20021206232151 "tonto": black sun was the name of the virtual world in snow
L20021206232206 "tonto": I'm serious, the novel was their business plan
L20021206232208 "alain": must refresh
L20021206232213 "alain": your url plz ???
L20021206232223 "tonto": as it was for worlds, inc., another online 3D company
L20021206232237 "tonto": url www.mission-base.com/fusion02
L20021206232251 "uli": so they tried to set up their company on ideas of
L20021206232253 "alain": thanx :-)
L20021206232253 "tonto": alain there's a link to here from that page
L20021206232310 "lsb": tonto: where is the url leadin' to?
L20021206232320 "tonto": yes, the idea was to realize the matrix in vrml
L20021206232326 "tonto": the url leads here
L20021206232334 "tonto": alain was rebooting
L20021206232439 "uli": phew - did they also do anything which comes close to
 hiros library-software?
L20021206232440 "john-paul II": i can asure you that god is on your side
L20021206232459 "tonto": remind me what the library software did
L20021206232520 "john-paul II": what's hiros?
L20021206232552 "tonto": hiro was a character in a novel
L20021206232558 "george michael": thats me on that buildin'..
L20021206232600 "john-paul II": oh...
L20021206232603 "uli": it was a private software, hiro got from juanita - with a
 librarian an rooms full of hypercards on different topics - puzzled together in
 some kind of 3d shape, according to thei associations
L20021206232606 "dan": it was this all-knowing researcher.
L20021206232606 "george michael": last christmas...
L20021206232616 "uli": yep
L20021206232618 "datenschleuder": ..
L20021206232629 "john-paul II": oh...
L20021206232652 "tonto": no, you have to build everything yourself
L20021206232718 "uli": ok :-)
L20021206232724 "john-paul II": is los angeles still here?
L20021206232755 "tonto": los angeles has gone to lunch
L20021206232802 "john-paul II": so... was it as good for oyu as it was for me?
L20021206232818 "tonto": hey, I'm not that kind of boy!
L20021206232855 "john-paul II": no?
L20021206232926 "uli": hey tonto - do you know anything like the librarian - on
 the web?
L20021206232939 "uli": some kind of similar information or data structure?
L20021206232946 "tonto": google
L20021206233002 "uli": i mean the visual representation of data
L20021206233005 "Shadowtraveller": hello all! warm smiles to all ! :)
L20021206233009 "dan": uli, have a look at cybergeography.org
L20021206233021 "dan": its information maps all over the place :)
L20021206233040 "meister1": hey tonto, where are you particpating from?
L20021206233046 "john-paul II": is it the website you gave me on cdrom?
L20021206233101 "john-paul II": cybergeography?
L20021206233107 "dan":
L20021206233136 "Prince_Be": hello again
L20021206233138 "meister1": talk to me tonto...
L20021206233142 "jill": politically challanging is good
L20021206233157 "tonto": wuf, wuf
L20021206233200 "john-paul II": Prince_Be... any connection to Be, Inc. ?
L20021206233225 "Prince_Be": hehe john paul II
L20021206233229 "john-paul II": :)
L20021206233252 "Prince_Be": yes telnet to my pc :p
L20021206233305 "Prince_Be": heya shadow
L20021206233402 "jill": jill is here
L20021206233412 "tonto": jill is everywhere
L20021206233452 "jill": that is because I used to be black oil slick
L20021206233605 "jill": john paul how about that little slime bag deal we talked
L20021206233722 "jill": hello Uli are you still there?
L20021206233746 "jill": jill begruesst euch
L20021206233815 "uli": hijill - im still there
L20021206233834 "jill": I see you looking up what do you see oh wise one?
L20021206233917 "jill": people are leaving
L20021206233919 "uli": just lookin inwards :-) currently researching
 cybergeography for visual representation of datastructures
L20021206233957 "jill": mmm busy one so early in the morning what time is it
 down there?
L20021206234100 "uli": 9.38! - and i got up before 7 to join the event (i dont
 think ive ever done this in weimar :-)
L20021206234232 "dan": your loco
L20021206234253 "jill": mm dedication...and its hot all ready...I will be there
 overs Xmas mmmm
L20021206234305 "uli": dan: theres recently been an interesting articel on
 spiegel.de about searchengines and life after google
L20021206234404 "uli": jill: its pretty bad weather right now - less than 20
 degrees and rainig most of the toime (at least in melbourne)
L20021206234547 "uli": dan: check out http://www.kartoo.com/
L20021206234555 "jill": uli try to download some images so we can change the
 content in the stage
L20021206234629 "uli": how can i change the content?
L20021206234644 "mark": drop some images on the buildings :)
L20021206234701 "mark": if it doesn't work (after you waited a while) refresh
 the page
L20021206234704 "dan": monster is cool
L20021206234723 "dan": uli: search on images.google.com and drop from the google
 page you get when you click on one of them images.
L20021206234725 "monster": ty  n greetz
L20021206234728 "dan": (should work)
L20021206234733 "uli": i mean how can i insert my own images (for example from
 my own computer)
L20021206234804 "dan": from your own computer? you'd have to bring em online
L20021206234819 "mark": upload them to your home directory, into public_html and
 then drag them on the buildings
L20021206234852 "jill": dan just told you Have we totally lost LA
L20021206234907 "dan": have no idea about LA
L20021206234946 "dr.ridu": someone ?!?!
L20021206235011 "dan": dr.ridu: ?
L20021206235021 "dr.ridu": yesyo ?!?
L20021206235028 "dan": someone what?
L20021206235048 "dr.ridu": someone what what ?!?
L20021206235050 "jill": Uli have a look at the monument Goethe Schiller..the
 german heros
L20021206235105 "someone ?!?!"
L20021206235116 "dr.ridu": i didn't !!
L20021206235123 "dr.ridu": sorry...
L20021206235125 "dan": :)
L20021206235150 "dr.ridu": hector rulz ta world
L20021206235231 "dr.ridu": hey dan, whatz up wit'ya
L20021206235254 "someone ?!?!". dont worry.
L20021206235305 "jill": hay we have some aliens now
L20021206235348 "dr.ridu": no aliens, jill - its hector the robot from - what's
 this movie called ?!?
L20021206235405 "k": saturn3
L20021206235409 "dr.ridu": with harvey keitel
L20021206235416 "k": and kirk douglas
L20021206235419 "dr.ridu": saturn3 - exactly
L20021206235424 "jill": ok great...
L20021206235425 "dr.ridu": ...exactly
L20021206235455 "uli": back again
L20021206235517 "uli": draggin the images didnt work, though
L20021206235527 "dr.ridu": ... so just refresh...
L20021206235535 "mark": i have some trouble with it by myself
L20021206235546 "mark": smometimes it just takes a while
L20021206235554 "Besucher": no
L20021206235558 "Besucher": not
L20021206235606 "mark": i just can't get sen. joe mccarthy on those buildings.
L20021206235620 "Besucher": like
L20021206235634 "Besucher": nein
L20021206235647 "Besucher": nie
L20021206235740 "jill": if you want to see the worst avatar then look at
L20021206235811 "Besucher": niemals
L20021206235821 "Besucher": niemals
L20021206235939 "jill": jill here we waiting for uli--to say goodbye
L20021206235951 "dan": we're about off. tired <yawn/>