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Geometries of Power - Participants

A multi-user online 3D world that uses the interactive characteristics of
space, geometry and sound to question concepts of power and control.

"Geometries of Power" was developed October 7 - 18, 2002 at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany during a workshop on Interactive 3D Virtual Reality Environments.

Participating students at the Bauhaus-University/Weimar:

  • Thematic concept, interactive image fragmentation:
    Daniel Fischer: dan@F3C.com

  • Dropping shared images, sound and geometry into a world (a multi-user version based on code graciously supplied by Holger Grahn.)
    Bernhard Bittorf: bernhard.bittorf@medien.uni-weimar.de
    Mathias Möhring: mathias.moehring@medien.uni-weimar.de

  • Growing 3D structures:
    Mark Winterhaller: mark@subsignal.org

  • Sound design and editing:
    Lisa Kumpf: lisa.kumpf@gmx.de

  • Recording and replay of multi-user sessions:
    Sebastian Heymann: heymann@uni-weimar.de
    Kristian Hildebrand: hildebr2@uni-weimar.de
    Henrik Thoms: thoms@uni-weimar.de

The workshop was held by:

  Tamiko Thiel, media artist:
  Peter Graf, network technologist:

under the auspices of Bauhaus-University:
  Professor Dr. Jill Scott, Media Design: jscott@gmx.ch
  Professor Dr. Bernd Froehlich, Media Systems: bernd.froehlich@uni-weimar.de