Geometries of Power - Help Page

Interaction Help (see below for Navigation Help):

Drag thumbnails from the lower right picture window into the 3D world.

  • Some of them will map to buildings; others will appear in front of you.

  • Deconstruct those in front of you by clicking and dragging on them.

  • If dragging in the images doesn't work, please try refreshing the window contents.

  • You can actually drag in any image directly off the Internet (NOTE: use Internet Explorer):

    - Go to and enter a search term of your choice.

    Click on the desired image in the google list. A small icon of that image will appear at the top of the page.

    - Drag this icon into the 3D world. If the image takes a long time to appear, its server is slow or perhaps the image doesn't exist there anymore.

    - You can also drag from any Internet link that refers directly to an image, for instance from a listing of links to images in an online directory. I'll let you figure out what that means ... This doesn't seem to work with Mozilla or Netscape browsers, unfortunately.

Navigation Help in 3D:

  • To navigate with the mouse, do a left-click-and-drag from the middle of the screen outward.

  • To navigate with the cursor (arrow) keys, press the arrow that points in the direction you wish to go.

More movement options:

  • Page Up or Page Down keys to move to a different viewpoint.

  • Ctrl / Alt / F changes you to Fly Mode (this is the mode in which you start out.)

  • Ctrl / Shift / E to change to Examine Mode.

  • Ctrl / Shift / S to change to Slide Mode.

  • Ctrl / Shift plus Up Arrow or Down Arrow to look up or down.

  • ... or to get the Movement menu do a right click in the 3D window and select Movement from the pop-up menu.