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Fortune 500 Cookies, Zero1 Biennial


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"Fortune 500 Cookies" @ Zero1 Biennial 2012


Presented by the Samek Art Gallery/Bucknell University
and the ZERO1 Biennial 2012


Fortune 500 Cookies AR at the Zero1 Biennial, San Jose, 2012
Visualization in front of the Zero1 Garage, San Jose, CA.

Fortune 500 Cookies are gold wafers of silicon that have been discovered in San Jose and are said to be propagating from Silicon Valley to around the world. Their peculiar appearance, unusual for fortune cookies, indicates they are derived from the Intel 4004 chip. This was the world's first microprocessor, brought to market in 1971 by Silicon Valley pioneer Intel Corporation, which led to life as we know it today. Fortune Magazine has disclaimed any knowledge of these cookies but it is rumored they were developed at a secret investment capital laboratory based in Silicon Valley.

What will your future bring? Search for Fortune 500 Cookies in your vicinity and click on them to find out what your fortune will be.


"Fortune 500 Cookies" is visible anywhere in the world on Android and iPhone smartphones. To view it:

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