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Synopsis:     ( -->> Deutsch )

Two instruments accompany a silent movie.
Hey, it's a living.

But slowly they realize that not only are they reacting to the image.
Somehow, the image also reacts to them.

Brazenly they toss in the odd tone, confusing the image. How will it react?

Will the instruments fulfill their job? Will there be a showdown???

The primary artistic interest in "secret movements" is the musical and visual transformation of movement.

Miniscule surveillance cameras mounted on each of the musical instruments send live video - there is no pre-recorded image material - directly to the screen. The cameras are mounted such that they record movement - the only element common to both image and sound - in abstract form.

The images and voices are overlaid in constantly varying combinations and strengths to create a sometimes bewildering, sometimes comprehensible interaction between image and tone.