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Program Base Library Functions

int pblCollectionStringCompareFunction

( const void* left,
  const void* right )

Compares two '\0' terminated strings.


Compares two '\0' terminated strings.

Can be used as compare function for collections in case '\0' terminated strings are inserted into the collection.

If this function is to be used, it has to be set to the collection via a call to pblCollectionSetCompareFunction

This compare function behaves like the one that can be specified for the C-library function 'qsort'.

The arguments actually passed to the compare function when it is called are addresses of the element pointers added to the list. E.g.: If you add char * pointers to the list, the compare function will be called with char ** pointers as arguments. See the documentation for the C-library function 'qsort' for further information.

int rc < 0: left is smaller than right
int rc == 0: left and right are equal
int rc > 0: left is greater than right

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