Mission Base

Program Base Library

pblBase Implementation


Open source C implementation of base functions for the Program Base Library.

Functions that allow copying integers from and to buffers and functions that wrap the C-library heap memory management.


  • pbl_BufToLong read a four byte long from a four byte buffer
  • pbl_BufToShort read a two byte short from a two byte buffer
  • pbl_LongSize find out how many bytes a four byte long would use in a buffer
  • pbl_LongToBuf copy a four byte long to a four byte buffer
  • pbl_LongToVarBuf copy a four byte long to a variable length buffer
  • pbl_ShortToBuf copy a two byte short to a two byte buffer
  • pbl_VarBufSize find out how many bytes a four byte long uses in a buffer
  • pbl_VarBufToLong read a four byte long from a variable length buffer
  • pbl_malloc replacement for malloc
  • pbl_malloc0 replacement for malloc, initializes the memory to 0
  • pbl_mem2dup duplicate and concatenate two memory buffers
  • pbl_memcmp compare two memory buffers, similar to memcmp
  • pbl_memcmplen find out how many starting bytes of two buffers are equal
  • pbl_memdup duplicate a buffer, similar to strdup
  • pbl_memlcpy memcpy with target length check
  • pbl_strdup duplicate a string, similar to strdup

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