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serendipitous snail t-shirts
Snail t-shirts

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The pedal-powerd ESCARGOT Mark I and II were a series of small boat designs using pedal-powered screw propulsion.

Please click here for the current outboard-driven ESCARGOT Mark III design.

The ESCARGOT Mark I and II were developed for cruising on the sheltered waters of inland canals, and to fill the gap between canoes or kayaks and motor-driven cabin cruisers. They provided simple live-aboard facilities for two plus one, in association with quiet, non-polluting aerobic human-power propulsion.

Based on a square-ended punt-like hull with dimensions of 18'-6" x 6'-0" they were built of exterior-grade plywood and soft wood framing. Accomodated under 4'-6" sitting headroom were two berths forward, with an access hatch over, followed by toilet and hanging space and then a "salon" with table seating and food preparation counter. (The table lowered to provide a third berth.) Aft of this was an open cockpit with the two side-by-side pedaling positions. An outboard swing-up rudder was controlled by a tiller from either position. Propulsion was provided by two swing-up "Seacycle" drive units in wells built into the hull and transom. At a sustainable pedaling rate of 50 rpm the boat moved at a leisurly 3-4 miles per hour.

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