I am Sound

An interactive image/sound installation by Tamiko Thiel (image) and Christoph Reiserer (sound), 2016









I am Sound installation
I am Sound, in the Digital Synesthesia exhibit, Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna, Austria 2016


A dark room. A pool of light, with a camera and microphone.
A curtain of 12 metal plates hangs from the ceiling - the metallophone.
The room is a musical instrument, and you are the actuator.

You enter the light. Your face appears huge, fractured into a cubist portrait on the metallophone.

A soft, shimmering sound fills the room - your face, transformed into a personal, minimalist music composition, plays on the metallophone. Green lines scan your face. The music changes, and the the mosaic of your face shimmers with the vibrations of the plates .

But quiet!. If you speak too loudly, your face fractures into a thousands pixels.

You become image. You become sound.


I am Sound had its world premiere in:

Digital Synesthesia Exhibition
Angewandte Innovation Lab (AIL)
Franz Josephs Kai 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria
11 March - 08 April, 2016


"I am Sound" is a commission from the Digital Synesthesia Group.

Digital Synesthesia project leaders:
Katharina Gsöllpointner, Ruth Schnell, Romana Schuler, Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel.

Digital Synesthesia participating artists: Anke Eckardt, Karl Heinz Jeron, kondition pluriel (Martin Kusch/Marie-Claude Poulin), Alan Kwan, Karen Lancel/Hermen Maat, Marcello Mercado, Ulla Rauter, Ruth Schnell, Jeffrey Shaw/Sarah Kenderdine, David Strang/Vincent Van Uffelen, Tamiko Thiel & Christoph Reiserer, Peter Weibel

With grateful thanks to Kathy Rae Huffman and Halle 6 Munich!

Digital Synesthesia      Halle 6 Munich