Bob Rockwell

Oct 17, 1947 - April 8, 1998

This page is dedicated to our colleague and friend Bob Rockwell
who passed away on
April 8, 1998.

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Tamiko and I had known Bob for about ten years. We both worked with him at Softlab, and then we co-founded blaxxun in 1995. His untimely death in 1998 came as a total shock and left us with a real feeling of loss.

blaxxun interactive had maintained the pages dedicated to his memory on their website. Those pages were lost when blaxxun went bankrupt in 2002.

After kicking myself for half a year for not having saved them from the site while I had the chance to do so, I looked around at the Internet Archive, to see what I could find in the Way-Back Machine web archive.

Here are the pages I recovered. I put them back onto the web in order to keep the memory of Bob Rockwell alive. I also want to thank our friend Brewster Kahle, for making the Internet Archive possible.

Peter Graf, December 2002.