21:00, Thursday, 09 March 2006
( admission on this night is free! )
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  VeeJaying with PETER BECKER, introducing:

a nd as live act: ZIELGRUPPE


VJing (VeeJaying or Video-Jockeying) is the video equivalent of discjockeying. As lecturer in art education at the L.M. University of Munich (LMU), Peter Becker has used his passion for VJing to unite the diverse worlds of the club scene, university, museums etc. On this evening, together with the event series MUSIC=COMMUNICATION and MEDIA 4 UNSPECIFIED AUDIENCE as well as with the help of "HIGHFLYER versus MARKUS KAVKA" (see article from the Süddeutsche Zeitung), the new DVD from his label HIGHFLYER - elektronische Bild- und Klangforschung, he will take us on a journey into the World of VJing.

The MUSIC=COMMUNICATION program on this evening in the Kranhalle will give us another topical example of the Art of VJing. ZIELGRUPPE, a group that developed out of the VJ-Team of the Media Lab of the Institute for Art Education at the LMU, will create visuals in real-time to live music the entire evening in the Kranhalle bar.



Peter Becker

Peter Becker has been mixing digital images live in real-time to music as a videojockey since the 1990s.

A long-time researcher of electronic images, he teaches multimedia design at the Ludwig Maximillians University of Munich (LMU) and since the 1980s could be found mixing images anywhere where someone pointed a projector at a white surface. Together with students from the Institute for Art Education at the LMU he initiated various art projects in public spaces, such as the Club-TV at the legendary club Ultraschall and recently the video design of the newly opened Unilounge at the LMU.

Together with Daniel Botz and David Süß he founded the HIGHFLYER VJ Team, whose visuals are considered state of the art in the electronic dance music scene.

Peter Becker (a.k.a. VJ Autopilot) has worked with well known artists from Sven Väth to Andrew Fletcher (Depeche Mode), from DJ Hell to Peaches, to create visual live-presentations of their music. He recently brought out his first VeeJayìng-DVD "Highflyer versus Markus Kavka," distributed by absolutMEDIEN.

Whether in clubs or museums, in art actions at the University or at festivals, Peter Becker/VJ Autopilot's projects and visuals combine projections, light and music, space and audience into a multimedia artwork.

high flyer

high flyer is a label for electronic image and sound research. The label is known for visual presentations of music and club events since the mid-1990s. Its special area of competence is in VeeJaying and virtual design for experimental electronica and multimedia art, as well as for electronic dance music and fashion events.

high flyer's customers include labels, clubs, festivals, institutions and museums such as Disko B, Gigolo Records, Parasound, Cube, Cargo, Lacoste, Worldleague, the Pinakothek der Moderne Foundation, Zentrum für Kunst- und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe (ZKM), Numero Uno Festival Lisbon, the legendary club Ultraschall and as homebase the Harry Klein Club in Munich.


[MUSIC=COMMUNICATION] Image and Sound Research

Initiator Zobeir Nawid created his monthly event Music=Communication as a platform for various artists and art forms. Visuals, sound artists, experimental videos, audio performances, installations and fine artists communicate with each other and inspire each other. Out of the interactions between the various arts something completely new emerges. There are no boundaries between different music styles or art forms. The event series also offers opportunities for artist to share with each other and to form new contacts.

After celebrating a successful first anniversary, Zobeir Nawid Afzali, himself active as a music and vide artist, aims to introduce his monthly experimental platform to a wider public both in Munich and further afield on tour.

The project is a performance/exhibition with emphasis on the live interaction, the improvisation, that embraces real-time communication not only between different artists and arts, but also includes the audience. Thus the free admission - get involved, discover, explore, or simply enjoy, come to listen, see, feel and get addicted!

Music=Communication is part of the event series "media4unspezified audience".

Paricipating artists/artist groups:
Jazza.electronic, Highflyer, Medienlabor, Zielgruppe, Soka International, Medienlabor Video LMU, Nfo-Kollektiv, Coopp, Swimingpool- Productions, Volksmop Royale, Department Of Volxvergnuegen, Zukunftsgerauesche, Dieter Schnabl, Simon Witt, Systolische Phase...


Media 4 Unspecified Audience

The event series "Media 4 Unspecified Audience" was initiated by Pit Mayerhofer and is held every Thursday in the Kranhalle. Currently, in a 4-week cycle, it consists of the events "Music=Communication", "Spheric Lounge" and "Bubu Nation." A fourth cycle on political avantgarde art from Adbuster to Graffiti Street Art & Rap Music (working title "Les Mots et les Choses" ) is in preparation.

Each cycle is organized by a producer with wide-ranging freedom to design, organize and execute his or her cycle. These are Zobeir Afzali for "Music=Communication," Felix Schmidt for the "Spheric Lounge," Aiko Okamoto for "Bubu Nation & TV Nihon" - Bubu Nation presents a selection of young Munich contemporary art, while in a side room "TV Nihon" shows current trends in the Japanese pop culture and media landscape. "Les Mots et Les Choses" will be produced by Marcel Ralle a.k.a. Adam O.End. together with street art activists and rap commandos from the underground scene.



Zielgruppe is a group of three students from different majors (Aiko Okamoto / art education, Bernd Hegewisch / computer linguistics, Nicolai Herrmann / German Studies), who met each other in 2003 during a music video seminar at the Institute of Art Education at the L.M.University of Munich. Their first collaboration as VJ team was at the summer festival for the Institute. Since then they have provided real-time imaging for various screens in Munich, creating optical accompaniment for musicians like Ellen Allien, Paul Kalbrenner, Dave Clark and local experimental musicians. Their first excursion in the direction of music video was for Fauns 'Von den Elben.'

The Zielgruppe can be found irregularly at Music=Communication and meanwhile has also become part of the inventory of the electro-ambient project 'Spheric Lounge'. Aiko Okamoto is also the organizer of 'Bubu Nation,' an exhibit every four weeks of local artists.


volksmop royal

The VJ team volksmop royal is composed of students from the Medienlabor Video at the Institute for Art Education at the LM University Munich (LMU). During the course "Painting and Video" they produced the video trailer for the digital/analog festival V and afterwards applied themselves intensely to "VJing." Supervised by Peter Becker, a leading VJ a.k.a.High Flyer and instructor at the LMU, in 2005 they had their first performance at Music=Commnunication in the Kranhalle in Munich. Since then, volksmop royal is the resident VJ team of this well-known avantgarde event in the area of electronica.

volksmop royal sees itself as a team of individuals whose diverse artistic concepts merge synergetically in the area of experimental image research. Typical for the team's VJing is the translation of specific artistic forms of expression such as painting and drawing into films and visuals, producing work that is experimental and lively at the same time.


  • Event series Music=Communication (2005-2006)
  • Digital/Analog-Festival (Schrannenhalle, Munich, Nov. 2005)
  • Projekt LMU e-Motions (UniLounge, München, seit Okt. 2005)
  • VJ-Performance for Langen Nacht des Lesens(the Long Night of Readings) in the Hasenbergl quarter of Munich, in collaboration with the Willi-Brandt-Gesamtschule, Munich (2005)
  • bubu nation meets filmnach8 (i-camp, Feb. 2006)


high flyer Label website and review in the Süddeutsche Zeitung
Soka International Artist Network