Artistic Contributors to "The Totem of Heavenly Wisdom"


Tamiko Thiel has studied mechanical engineering, design and art at Stanford, MIT and the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. In her last project she was creative director and producer of the Starbright Foundation's virtual reality playspace for seriously ill children, working together with its chairman Steven Spielberg. Earlier projects include exhibiting multimedia art works in Germany, Japan and Poland, teaching design theory at Carnegie Mellon University and doing the visual design of a massively parallel supercomputer, the Connection Machine. (curriculum vitae)


Tien-Huei donated graciously of her time and creativity as the performer for the original footage.

Music Composer and Performer:

Teed Rockwell has been playing the Chapman Stick for 20 years, longer than anyone except its inventor. He studied Indian classical music with Ali Akbar Khan, and has synthesized these teachings with his extensive studies of rock, jazz and the harp music of Venezuela and Paraguay. He is a co-founder of the World Folk trio Geist, which performs in Europe and the United States, and a producer and performer in the Festival of Harps.

Editing and Post Production Consultation:

David Rauch, a freelance video editor and motion graphics designer, was a pioneer in the use of digital video post- production techniques and is a member of Adobe System's digital video development focus group. He has worked on experimental projects in the States, France and the Czech Republic that combine video, the Internet, theater and dance. He is currently working with a multimedia dance performance troupe supported by the Rockefeller foundation which uses motion sensors and computer technology to generate live music and digital video projections based on the dancers' movements.

Sound Engineering:

Allen Lam is chief sound engineer for performances by artists ranging from Anne Adams to Warren Zervon. His theatrical work includes hit productions of "Ain't Misbehaving" and his award winning sound design for "Steal Away." He has designed and installed permanent audio facilities for A.C.T, the Oakland Ensemble Theater and Mervyn's. His latest venture is "Truth" and "Grace Recording", specializing in early and modern acoustic based music.