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Aerial Shots of Thansüß

The following aerial photographs of Thansüß in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria were taken in autumn of 1959, just before I was born. The pictures show the new schoolhouse under construction, my uncle told me he was working at the construction site when my grandmother told him that I had been born.

My parents moved with me to Thansüß in 1964, when I was 5 years old. The pictures resemble very much the village I knew when I grew up. I give the names of the houses the way I remember them being used in the 60s. Thansüß had been mostly destroyed by a fire around 1870, after that most of the farmer's houses were built after the same design. The house at the street was followed by the cow barn and the pigsty. The barn in the back gave the typical "L" shape. The manure pile and toilet were across the barnyard. Klick here for some very typical examples.

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Approaching from the west

Thansüß from the west

Entering from Freihung, the first house on the right was where my paternal Grandmother Margarete Dengler grew up.

Lenzn, Kellermann, Luber, Beckn (Bakery), Dickn, Hofmer (Store), Sternkopf.

Wirtsgirgl, Krausngirgl, Weißn (Store), Mägerln, Koppmann, Neumann.

Maler, Gotter, Wirtsgirgl, Krausngirgl.

Malerschwarzn (Pub), Michelhansl, Gassbauer.

Malerschwarzn (Pub), Michelhansl, Gassbauer.

"Damm", Hofmann, Katholik Church, Schwarz, Schuster, Hörl, the school house under construction. The train station is visible in the back.

Konradinsgrund from north west.

Konradinsgrund from north east.

Konradinsgrund from south east.

Konradinsgrund from south west.

"Damm", the small house on the right is my grandfather Georg Graf's, the smallest house in Thansüß. Klier, Weber, Arnold.

Kaiser, Götzn, Friedl, Hörl, Schuster.

Kohlnweber, Weber, Kaiser, Götzn.

Simmer, Wurzer, Schönfelder, Veitn, Hegl, Kohlnweber, Weber.

Wurzer, Dorner, Reischl (Pub, Butcher), Putz, Lutheran Church and old school house, Strobl, Fiedler, Schuster. The small building along the street is the "city hall". The even smaller building to the right of it contained the refrigerators. The war memorial is visible at the center.

Heslbauer, Kohl, Gassmichl, Wurzer, Dorner, Reischl.

Gochl, Guber (Pub), Völkl, Heslbauer, Kohl.

"Rangl", Esbach, Dubiel, Hortl, Gosl, Nachrainer, Prößl.

"Rangl", Büttner, Walberer, Schmidt, Leinhäupl, Prößl, Mauerhofbauern.

"Rangl", "Dorf" and "Damm" in the back.

Lenzn, Kellermann, Luber, Beckn.

"Hehnerwegerl", Schiessl, Pinkny Wegmacher in the back.

Krausngirgl, Weißn (Store), Mägerln, Koppmann, Neumann.

Malerschwarzn (Pub), Michelhansl, Gassbauer, Maler.

The lower part of Konradinsgrund.

Eitel, the smith and gas station.

"Damm", with the fire brigade's water pond, also used by the local geese and ducks.

Lutheran Church, old school house. The cementary is visible in the back.

Guber (Pub), Völkl, Heslbauer.

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