Visit to Sapporo

Tamiko was invited to give several talks at the Sapporo School of the Arts, where her father had been teaching in years past. This is the only photo she managed to shoot inside the school - the view from her father's office window.

Since moving to Sapporo, our old roommate Katz has married Shouko (who is a curator at the local art museum) and fathered Kai (girl, now 8 months). Since it happened to be Setsubun, Katz obligingly donned an "oni" mask while we threw beans at him, shouting "Oni wa soto; fuku wa uchi!" (Out with the demons, in with the good luck.)

Going away party with professors from the school.
Naotaka Sasayama and Katsuhiko Yashiro Katsuhiko Yashiro and Satoshi Katohno Every true artist wears a beret. Katohno-sensei tries on Tamiko's for size.
Satomi Hori, a fellow Seattleite, had prepared an incredible cream torte for the occasion. Tamiko's mother had been able to connect her with the school, where she is now teaching English and Industrial Design. Shiraishi-san looks on. Yoshiyuki Shiroma and Katohno-san look on in anticipation.

Katz needed to photograph a large earthworks park by Isamu Noguchi from the air, and schlepped a couple of us along.
Tomoe Iwamura and Masanori Sugawara
The site on a warmer day.
Chie Shimoyama, riding shotgun
Some last views of Sapporo and Hokkaido, flying back down south (NOT from the helicopter!)