Tenryu-ji: Kaiseki-ryori

The temple Tenryu-ji is to the west of Kyoto near Mt. Arashima. There you can order a Kaiseki meal, the exquisite vegetarian cuisine developed to satisfy the palates of the nobility who had taken their vows but still wished to dine on fine food.

From the station you walk across the river.

When you enter the grounds of Tenryu-ji there is a ceremonial gate famous for its walls made of old tiles ...
... and a lotus pond, looking appropriately wintry and sad.

The main building.

The rooms are meant for banquets ... but we had one all to ourselves.

So of course we sat down near the entrance, in the place of honor in front of the tokonoma with the painting of Daruma-san.
It was a very warm day, and so the sliding doors were left open to give a view of the garden.

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