New Years' Eve in Tokyo

Pictures from new year's eve in the big city, we spent the evening with Atsushi San, a Student at IAMAS, and Hiromi San, his girlfriend who lives in Tokyo.
We played around with the camera on the street, while waiting for the moment.

Then the big moment came ....

The celebration at the main Ginza street crossing was really low key, so we drank some warm sake, snapped a couple of pictures and left.

We took a train to Asakusa, to one of the bigger shrines in Tokyo. Everybody has to visit a shrine during the first couple of days of the year in order to pray for good luck. Many people did go together with us in the hours after midnight.

Some women were there in traditional kimonos.

As there were too many people we decided to go for some more food and some window shopping first.

Then we made our way to the shrine.

We bought some fortune telling papers, the good ones you keep the bad onces you tie to some bell at the shrine.

On the way hoem we passed once again through the market.

And yes, this is the train car in Seeke San's garden, he uses it as library. He is an old friend of Tamiko's parents, we visited him and his family a day later.

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