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Nice, Côte d'Azur: Christmas2007/NewYear2008

Tamiko and Peter spent Xmas 2007 / New Years 2008 in Nice, on the Côte d'Azur, France.

The pictures on this page are from Nice itself. Follow the following links for photos from our side trips:

View of Nice, looking west from Quai Rauba Capeu
 Tamiko (on ferris wheel)...Nice looking east from ferris wheel towards Quai Rauba Capeu and Mont Boron...Peter (Nice in background)

We stayed near the Old Port ...

...which has a lot of nasty looking boats

ideal for drug barons and other politicians...

The largest being the "Ocean Breeze," built for Saddam Hussein, now owned by the King of Jordan, but for sale: check out this website for interior views ...

... but there is also a section
of the port for small boats.

View looking south onto the port, past Notre Dame du Port. Every day a cannon fires a shot from the hilltop fortress at noon.


The water is surprisingly warm. On Christmas Eve Peter went in up till his knees ...

... others are more daring ...

... and go in for full immersion

Tamiko as always is a total wimp and watches it all from the relative safety of a beach cafe, threatened only by low flying seagulls.

There are some sculpturally interesting diving diving platforms here that seem to be out of use.

... and some rather bizarre cruise ships, like this Disneyworld version that completely blocked the entrance to the port on New Year's Eve.

View westward back towards the old harbor, with Nice in the background.

copyright 2007 by Tamiko Thiel and Peter Graf.