Bali Report - In and around our village and Ubud

We stayed in a tiny but prosperous village just south of Ubud. Ubud, about an hour drive into the foothills north of Denpasar, is one of the major cultural centers in Bali, known for its painting, wood carving, music and dance.

In the village:

one of  the village temples

the village gander (there is also a
village goose hiding somewhere)

At the invitation of our singing teacher and the village head, we sang as part of the ceremonies at the village's temple
of the dead (pura dalem).

The girl is a dancer; the gentlemen
are gambling, laying bets on which
god will win the roll of the dice.

Landscape and fauna around Nyuh Kuning and Ubud:

View from the house

View from the house

terraced hills near Ubud


The Dirty Duck Restaurant in Ubud has an outdoor dining area in front of the rice paddies. The view at sunset was beautiful. The bathroom was pretty interesting too: the floor was a pond, and you reached the toilet by stepping across flagstones in the water.

On a walk outside of Ubud we were able to faintly see the vulcanos that dominate northern Bali.


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