Bali Report - the House

We stayed in a large house within a family compound of wood carvers in a village south of Ubud.

In the afternoons the nearby school gamelan can be heard; at night the frogs and crickets dominate until the early morning, when the roosters and dogs start in.

2nd floor veranda, where Mom and I slept.

2nd floor veranda

view down into the courtyard

our private internet cafe

the bath hut

mandi for bath and toilet

mandi toilet facilities

Midori in Balinese dress


The adults (minus photographer Mary)
l to r: Zara, Midori, Sam, Brewster,
Maria, Sheri, Tamiko

cookie the dog growled at
you for one week and then
defended you afterwards

Offerings were set every
morning on the stove ...

... and on the sidewalk for the spirits
of the ground, among many other
places. Balinese women spend
much of their time making offerings.

poisonous bamboo snake killed
next to the house

view from the 2nd floor

view of the House at sunset

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