Bali Report - Mass Cremation in Ubud

The biggest mass cremation in Ubud's history - 78 sarcophagi - happened while we were there. Tourists are encouraged to attend (in proper temple dress) since it adds to the prestige of the deceased.

When someone dies, he or she is buried until there are enough bodies to share the cost of a cremation ceremony. The bodies are then dug up, and the remains inserted into the sarcophagi. Some had been buried for over 2 years; the newest had died 2 weeks ago.

Sarcophagi in the shape of brahma
bull, with name of deceased. Bulls
are usually for the Brahmin caste.

An unusual tiger sacophagus.

Barang (winged lion), for
the Sidra (commoners).

Sheri and Midori in formal
temple attire

Family members carry the sarcophagi
through the streets up to the cemetary

Tourists scurrying for cover as the
sarcophgus is carried up the hill.

Tamiko was entranced by
it all

Each sarcophagus is installed in its
own pavilion.

No one could explain the
significance of the headless
tailess cow.

Family members process into the
cemetary carrying offerings to insert
into the sarcophagi.

Midori watching the procession.

The sarcophagus is slit open, and
the offerings inserted inside.

the tiger, already slit open.

Offerings being carried in.

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