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Program Base Library Functions

int pblKfUpdate

( pblKeyFile_t* k, void* data,
  size_t datalen )

Update the data of the current record


Update the data of the current record

The current record of the file is updated with the new data given.

- the file must be open for update,
- if the new datalen of the record is not bigger than the old datalen, the data will be updated in place, otherwise the new data of the record will be appended to the file, the space previously used for the data of the record will not be reused in this case,
- data must point to the new data be inserted,
- datalen must not be negative,
- if datalen == 0, the pointer data is not evaluated at all

k - key file to delete record from
data - new data to update with
datalen - length of the new data
int rc == 0: call went ok
int rc != 0: some error occured, see pbl_errno

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