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#define C: Error codes

Error codes of the PBL library

PBL_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY - Out of memory.
PBL_ERROR_EXISTS - The record already exists.
PBL_ERROR_NOT_FOUND - Record not found.
PBL_ERROR_BAD_FILE - File structure damaged.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_MODE - Parameter mode is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_KEY - Parameter key is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_KEYLEN - Parameter keylen is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_DATA - Parameter data is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_DATALEN - Parameter datalen is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_INDEX - Parameter index is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_LIST - Parameter list is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_COLLECTION - Parameter list is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_ELEMENT - Parameter element is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_SET - Parameter set is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_PARAM_FORMAT - Parameter format is not valid.
PBL_ERROR_CREATE - File system create error, see errno.
PBL_ERROR_OPEN - File system open error, see errno.
PBL_ERROR_SEEK - File system seek error, see errno.
PBL_ERROR_READ - File system read error, see errno.
PBL_ERROR_WRITE - File system write error, see errno.
PBL_ERROR_PROGRAM - An internal error in the code, debug it!!
PBL_ERROR_NOFIT - An internal condition forcing a block split.
PBL_ERROR_NOT_ALLOWED - File not open for update, operation not allowed.
PBL_ERROR_POSITION - The current record is not positioned.
PBL_ERROR_OUT_OF_BOUNDS - Index out of range (index < 0 || index >= size()).
PBL_ERROR_CONCURRENT_MODIFICATION - A collection was modified concurrently to an iterator.


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