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Beyond Manzanar U.S. premiere:

This was the first public showing of Beyond Manzanar to an audience that included many former internees, including many who had been in Manzanar. Bainbridge Island, just offshore downtown Seattle, was the first Japanese American community to be evacuated.

Chair Tazue Sasaki opens the festival, reading a speech from IAMAS President Itsuo Sakane

Tamiko (right) and Events Chair Midori Thiel (fourth from right) sharing the stage during the opening ceremonies.

Tamiko with Chair Tazue, who had to quickly step into costume to fill in for a dancer.

With Dr. Frank Kitamoto. He gives a very moving talk on the internment and has helped create a photographic exhibit of the Bainbridge Island Japanese American community - the first to be evacuated to Manzanar.

Image to right is Dr. Kitamoto's mother Shigeko, holding photo of her family during evacuation (courtesy of Bremerton Sun, all rights reserved.)

A very dedicated user.

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